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Monday, 13 May 2013

EVALUATION: how did you use digital technologies in the construction, research and planning and evaluation stages?

In the initial stages of the process, during the research and planning stages there was an awful lot of brainstorming occurring as this was the initial planning process. For this I feel that the best technology to use was Prezi. Prezi is an online programme which allows for a visual display of thoughts. I used this specifically to illustrate my initial ideas for location as it allowed to show the many options, and also show images of them. In addition to gain an understanding of what these locations looked like on camera, I took pictured of the locations on a HD camera as sometimes locations can look different through the lens of a camera. 
      During the construction process there were many media technologies I used, particularly in the editing process. As I had rarely professionally edited before I had to get to grips with iMovie, the editing software that comes with Apple mac's. Although it was not the most professional of programme's to use it is equipped with all the tools required and also a few more which I was able to use. for our video I had to create a contrast between the fairytale and the modern world and so chose to add an effect on the fairytale shots. The effect softened the shots and also drained the colour a little bit this allowed for the contrast needed. In addition to this there was also an unconventional use of fades. In music videos the use of fades is rarely used as straight cuts are usually the desired favourite however n order to achieve a 'dreamy' effect I feel that this was an appropriate transition used. One major digital technology used during the editing process was the effect of the overlay tool which enabled me to construct the 'big bad wolf' scene in which the actor turns into a wolf. In order to do this I had to layer two different scene's over the top of one another. Abbie (the actress) had to shoot two different scenes walking in exactly the same place however one she had to be wearing the wolf mask and one was without. In order to create the effect. I overlay the two clips together and turned the opacity of the wolf down so that the human figure of Abbie could be been through the mask.

For the evaluation stage of the construction it was screened on a screen for our target audience to see. On order to spread the word of this screening we used the social media page Facebook and invited many of our contacts along to gain recognition.

here is a link to the facebook event:

EVALUATION: what have you learned from your audience feedback?

for feedback, we decided to screen our production to a selected audience for an honest opinion. In order to gain the information I required from this screening the research method I decided to create and distribute a questionnaire. 53% of the audience were male and 47% were female. this is a sample of the responses.

as it is easy to see from the sample, the original narrative has been misinterpreted by some of our audience, instead of the audience sympathising with the male protagonist as we had wished, it was misconstrued and they believed that the male cheated on the female.
One major flaw in the screening occurred when the video skipped a bit, causing the timing to be knocked out of sync and so, I feel that the question relating to the lip syncing to be an inaccurate reflection. 
One thing that was brought up on several occasions was how the video was appropriate for the age range. As the age we were showing the video to was our target audience (14-18). Due to the topics being discussed and displayed, there was a sense of realism without being too graphic.
Our audience seemed to think that the transition between the modern era and the fairytale world was effective and a very creative choice, they also liked the wolf effect as it added a classic twist to the fairytale world. 

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Ancillary 2: Promo Poster FINAL

This is the finished promotional poster for my second ancillary task. The poster is in a fairly minimalistiv style as this allows it to focus on the beauty of the image. The apple is a clear symbolic link to the construction as it has a fluent fairytale theme running throughout.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Ancillary: digipak artwork FINAL

these are the changed ancillaries with the new model