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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Monsters Research

Monsters is a british film produced by the UK film production company Vertigo Films

on its opening weekend it made a total of $20,508 in the US and £348,577 in the UK and was shown ion a total of 167 screens accross these two countries, all of this was achieved with a budget of $800,000.

Director: Gareth Edwards
Cast: Whitney Able
Producers: Allan Niblo
                    James Richardson
Writer: Gareth Edwards

Target Audience

the certificate of the film Monsters was a 12A meaning no-one under the age was 12 years old was allowed to view the film without a parent/responsible adult over 18 years of age being present.

Cast & Crew

as this film was classed as a budget movie sometimes just seven of the cast and crew were transported around different locations in simply a van
     All of the scenes in this film were shot oppertunistically, the two actors were given the basic outline of  each scene, and then interacted with one another. there were only two real actors used in this film, the rest of the cast are not professional actors.

The film was shot entirely on location, and the locations used were all real. they were often used without permission or had been asked to be used in advance; all film extras were people who were simply passing by the location

Marketing & Distribution

The film was shown in:
  • Edinburgh Film Festival
  • Los Angeles Film Festival
along with traditional methods of marketing such as posters, the internet was also used to market the film with the use of an official website, and social networking (Facebook & Twitter)

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

School Magazine

This is the front cover for the School magazine in which is part of the first media project. I chose to have conventional features of a front cover such as a medium closeup image, a banner stretching across the bottom, and inside stories dotted around the cover.  all of these features can be observed on other professional magazines. the colour scheme is the same throughout the piece, to keep simple, and not to busy for the reader with a numer of different colours.

The colour scheme of the contents page follows through from the front cover, this makes it apparent that both of these pages belong to the same magazine. I observed in professional magazines sold nationally that the page numbers on a contents page were one of the main focus' of the page, closely after the images used, this is the apporoach I tried to capture in my contents page