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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

construction update

\Hgcdom01jstudentIJohnstonDocumentsLaura Isla and Beth from Isla Johnston on Vimeo.

we have been able tro go furthur with our constuction and this is the product so far, as it is clear the engagement scene, goldilocks scene and wolf scene have been added. Although the wolf scene is different from the original 'flicker' effect we were hoping for, I feel the overlay effect is more effective and was easier to use. the overlay effect shows that the 'big bad wolf' does infact live within abbie as her human silhouette is still visable as she walks.

Week Update: week beginning the 13th

This week we plan to film teh performance scene with a new performer due to calcellations beyond our control and a problem with our previous performaer we also couldnt control. Instead we have decided to use Rebecca, as she features in the project as 'goldilocks' and so it is easy to make a link between the performer and the narrative. we intend to film the performance scene using atight spotlight on a stage so it will have a dramatic effect to it whioch will fit the tone of the music.

Photoshoot retake

unfortunately due to unforseen cicumstances we have had to re-film the performance scene and consequently had to re-tke photos for the ancillary tasks, these were the photo's I re took to work with for the ancillary tasks.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Performance Scene - dilemma

Unfortunately, we have been forced to reshoot the performance scene. Abbie, the initial performer had to leave the filming process of the video due to personal reasons. fortunately we had finished filming the narrative aspect of the video. Instead we have decided to ask Rebecca Graham (the actress playing Goldilocks). This seemed to be the most obvious decision as she already featured in the narrative of the video and therefore there would still be some correlation between the narrative and the performance. Rebecca is also a confident performer and I have no doubt she will enjoy the performance.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Progress on construction

This is the construction I have edited so far. As you can see the red riding hood scene has been amended and there has been quite a bit of progress. I am still to add the performance scenes however I think I shall add it in once the narrative has been completed

Construction so far

D:Laura Isla and Beth from Isla Johnston on Vimeo.

this is how far along we are with the constuction of our practical task. Although not in order it is beginning to take some shape. I feel the red riding hood scene after reshooting it is a lot more effective and flows better as the shot is shorter and the main focus quickly pans to Abbie and Jordan.
One area which I feel needs more attentions the transitions during the drinking scene. I feel they aren't elongated enough as this will be a more subtle approach.