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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Music Video Analysis

Florence and the Machine - Never Let Me Go

The overall feel and tone of this video is established in the first scenes with the lighting and the blurred character, it is not until eight seconds that the singer's face is revealed. Although the tone of the video is myserious, it is essentially a twisted and dark love tale. The video is set in an ice rink which also contains an arcade, although the main focus of the video is Florence Welch, the leading man also plays a major role. As Welch enters the ice rink we see her clearly wearing raggy, torn and worn away dark clothing - also tying in with the mysterious concepts. Throughout the video, it cuts from welch and the main man to show several scenes not relating the the plot or the video - an overflowing sink for example, a floor being mopped, watery footprints on the floor. What looks like dirty water is shown trickling down Welch's face and hands. As Welch and the man walk onto the ice rink we see the love story between them as they kiss, dance and hug.
The editing of this videa uses the beat and tempo of the music to cut between scenes. It has to be noted that the video only uses cuts, no other transition. some of the scenes have been slowed down which adds a dramatic effect to the video. Towards the end of the video, effects are used to distort the shot, again this adds dramatic effect and adds a climax to the entire video.


Music Video Analysis.

This video is different to the others I have analyised as it uses a range or transitions. Cross fades are used as well as 'vintage' filter on the footage to give it this effect. The length of the shots vary in length, from a seconds to split seconds however most of the transitions are a cross fade, giving an eery effect to the video. A split screen effect is also used on various occasions, this allows to show a close up, of one of the females and also her full body at the same time. However in the performance scene, it allows to see both Mark Hoppus from  different angles at the same time.
The whole video has a creepy feel with a ghostly figure and closeup of spiders, and two girls kissing.
a fish eye lens has also been used to capute some of the images of the girl dressed with bandages. Overall this is not a conventional music video however is successful in portraying the desired feel and atmosphere of the video

Music Video Analysis

this video uses a contrast between full colour and clack and white as a symbol, between happy memories and the breakup. at the beginning, the cuts are extremely short, and supposed to resemble a film reel as memories. The video cuts from scenes of Danny O'Donoghue alone, to colour of the memories of (I'm assuming) his ex girlfriend. A lot of this video is played in slow motion, this fits in with the tone of the video. the video plays around a lot with natural light, using it to drain the colour of the video, this effect is very pretty.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012


For our A2 Project we have chosen to  construct a music video for the song Shake It Out by Florence + the Machine. we have chose to include a two part narrative and also a performance aspect as the song is fairly long (approx. 4 minutes).
       The narrative will be largely based upon the idea of a fairytale world. The main character will be finding objects theat remind her of her past (in the fairytale world). As she picks them us we are able to see flashbacks of her relationship starting and deteriorating as she treats her partner badly.
       For our ancillary tasks we wll be producing a digi pack and promotional poster to promote the single.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Preliminary Task Analysis

This was the preliminary task in which we undertook in preparation for our A2 practical work. The brief we were given was to plan, and construct a chase scene of around two minutes long, and this is our finished project. The genre we were aiming for with this prelim task was initially intended to be thriller however after a mishap the finished product developed into a comedy.
      one majopr flaw which was detrimental to our project was our choice of actor in the project as the quality was not up to the standars we would have liked it to be, as the acting wasn't particularly believeable. The one shot we, as a group were particularly proud of  was the close up of Kayleigh's hand, and this is because of the framing of the shot, and also the audience is able to get a sense of urgency from her acting.
       Over extension of shots in hindsight was something we should have avoided doing however looking back at our project retrospectively we have done it on several occasions. I now know shots only have to last for fractions of seconds to be fully effective, especially in the thriller genre.
       I feel one positive from our prelim was that we learned how effective using a range of shots can be, this was one aspect we took great care to achieve through using points of view shots, close-ups  long shots and extreme close-ups.
     in the framing of a few of our shotsa, the reflection of the camera man can be seen in the car. Although we took great care to try and avoid this happening in the end, it was almost impossibe to get the shot, so we just had to reduce how visible the camera operator was.
     due to the acting, we had to change the ending of the sequence by changing the genre from a thriller to a comedy extremely last minute. due to this, the lighting/quality of the last shot is terrible to say the least. in the final product we will make sure for definite that nothing like that will happen.