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Monday, 8 October 2012

Preliminary Task Analysis

This was the preliminary task in which we undertook in preparation for our A2 practical work. The brief we were given was to plan, and construct a chase scene of around two minutes long, and this is our finished project. The genre we were aiming for with this prelim task was initially intended to be thriller however after a mishap the finished product developed into a comedy.
      one majopr flaw which was detrimental to our project was our choice of actor in the project as the quality was not up to the standars we would have liked it to be, as the acting wasn't particularly believeable. The one shot we, as a group were particularly proud of  was the close up of Kayleigh's hand, and this is because of the framing of the shot, and also the audience is able to get a sense of urgency from her acting.
       Over extension of shots in hindsight was something we should have avoided doing however looking back at our project retrospectively we have done it on several occasions. I now know shots only have to last for fractions of seconds to be fully effective, especially in the thriller genre.
       I feel one positive from our prelim was that we learned how effective using a range of shots can be, this was one aspect we took great care to achieve through using points of view shots, close-ups  long shots and extreme close-ups.
     in the framing of a few of our shotsa, the reflection of the camera man can be seen in the car. Although we took great care to try and avoid this happening in the end, it was almost impossibe to get the shot, so we just had to reduce how visible the camera operator was.
     due to the acting, we had to change the ending of the sequence by changing the genre from a thriller to a comedy extremely last minute. due to this, the lighting/quality of the last shot is terrible to say the least. in the final product we will make sure for definite that nothing like that will happen.

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