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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Music Video Analysis

Florence and the Machine - Never Let Me Go

The overall feel and tone of this video is established in the first scenes with the lighting and the blurred character, it is not until eight seconds that the singer's face is revealed. Although the tone of the video is myserious, it is essentially a twisted and dark love tale. The video is set in an ice rink which also contains an arcade, although the main focus of the video is Florence Welch, the leading man also plays a major role. As Welch enters the ice rink we see her clearly wearing raggy, torn and worn away dark clothing - also tying in with the mysterious concepts. Throughout the video, it cuts from welch and the main man to show several scenes not relating the the plot or the video - an overflowing sink for example, a floor being mopped, watery footprints on the floor. What looks like dirty water is shown trickling down Welch's face and hands. As Welch and the man walk onto the ice rink we see the love story between them as they kiss, dance and hug.
The editing of this videa uses the beat and tempo of the music to cut between scenes. It has to be noted that the video only uses cuts, no other transition. some of the scenes have been slowed down which adds a dramatic effect to the video. Towards the end of the video, effects are used to distort the shot, again this adds dramatic effect and adds a climax to the entire video.


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