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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Music Video Analysis.

This video is different to the others I have analyised as it uses a range or transitions. Cross fades are used as well as 'vintage' filter on the footage to give it this effect. The length of the shots vary in length, from a seconds to split seconds however most of the transitions are a cross fade, giving an eery effect to the video. A split screen effect is also used on various occasions, this allows to show a close up, of one of the females and also her full body at the same time. However in the performance scene, it allows to see both Mark Hoppus from  different angles at the same time.
The whole video has a creepy feel with a ghostly figure and closeup of spiders, and two girls kissing.
a fish eye lens has also been used to capute some of the images of the girl dressed with bandages. Overall this is not a conventional music video however is successful in portraying the desired feel and atmosphere of the video

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