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Monday, 13 May 2013

EVALUATION: what have you learned from your audience feedback?

for feedback, we decided to screen our production to a selected audience for an honest opinion. In order to gain the information I required from this screening the research method I decided to create and distribute a questionnaire. 53% of the audience were male and 47% were female. this is a sample of the responses.

as it is easy to see from the sample, the original narrative has been misinterpreted by some of our audience, instead of the audience sympathising with the male protagonist as we had wished, it was misconstrued and they believed that the male cheated on the female.
One major flaw in the screening occurred when the video skipped a bit, causing the timing to be knocked out of sync and so, I feel that the question relating to the lip syncing to be an inaccurate reflection. 
One thing that was brought up on several occasions was how the video was appropriate for the age range. As the age we were showing the video to was our target audience (14-18). Due to the topics being discussed and displayed, there was a sense of realism without being too graphic.
Our audience seemed to think that the transition between the modern era and the fairytale world was effective and a very creative choice, they also liked the wolf effect as it added a classic twist to the fairytale world. 

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