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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Filming - Waking up scene.

 we have filmed the waking up scene which was set in town. Although we did have an idea in mind of where we were intending to film, we were able to be flexivble with our  desicsions on where we filmed., in the end we decided to film outside the Old George pub in the centre on Newcastle, this was because it had the correct feel for what we were aiming to achive. On the day, the floor was wet we had to improvise and use a towel for the actor to sit on in the doorway, otherwise the white dress would have been spoiled and very difficult to use for the rest shoot.
 we managed to get a the full scene filmed in one morning as it only took until about 11am, we filmed a total of of 5 scenes within the scene and toon on average about 4 shots of weach scene. This will simply mean that post production will be easier for me as I will have a choce of shots to edit together, enabling for a better quality product.
still shot of a scene taken.

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