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Wednesday, 21 March 2012


this is the main feature article. it was done by taking three seperate pictures of kate (the model) and then layed them on top of eachother. the main picure of a feature article, in whatever magazine is always eyecatching as it's aim is to entise you to read more. after I merged all the layers together, I decided to blur the grass in the background so kate stood out more than the grass.

this is the article in full, it is common for an article to feature a quote from the featured artist, which is exacttly the convention I have chosen to follow. I encountered a problem that my main feaure photo wasn't A4 size, so this meant  I had to break away from conventions for the layout as I have chosen to position it above the quote, to fill the left hand page. this meant writing is amble to fill the right hand page.

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